New location coming soon!

Thank you for visiting Animal Artistry! Our new location will be ready very soon. In the meantime, if you need to reach us please call Michelle Hickman at 919-961-0747.

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Michelle has infinite patience…

We have been using Michelle for about 10 years now. We adopted a Katrina dog about 5 years ago and he was badly abused. He didn’t like people coming to get him out of a crate and he still doesn’t like to be grabbed suddenly (picking him up used to be a real challenge). She was able to work out a system to keep him from getting scared and keeping anyone from getting bit. Now, she or her assistant can pick him up and put him wherever they need to and he is fine.

I have every confidence in leaving my dogs with Michelle because I know they will be treated lovingly and will look great when I get them back.

- Lindsay, Raleigh, NC